Three Reasons to Hire A Professional Florist

Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Florist
Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Florist

Photo by Caroline Lima | Florals by Amanda Day Rose

If you're currently planning the wedding of your dreams, you probably are also trying to find creative ways to stay within your budget, right? (And if that's the case, I highly encourage you to contact me after reading this post to help you out with your budgeting needs!) Well, I'm here to tell you that DIYing your flowers is not the way to cut costs, friend! I know it seems easy, but there is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a floral designer!

I could go on and on about why you should hire a professional florist, but today I'm sharing my top three reasons with you:

  1. We are a wealth of botanical knowledge. Sure, you know about roses and hydrangeas and tulips - and perhaps plenty of other well-known flowers. But florists know hundreds of other flowers you've never even heard of...not to mention how to properly care for them so they are blooming and gorgeous at the exact time they need to be!
  2. We are pros at the logistical aspects. Between transporting flowers (can you fathom transporting 15+ centerpieces and bouquets...filled with your your ceremony and/or reception venue?), knowing exactly how to process your flowers (a lot of work goes into preparing your flowers before arranging them!), and setting them up so they are in full, beautiful bloom on your wedding day, a lot of logistics go into ensuring your flowers are absolutely perfect. These are all things you really don't want to worry about on the day of your wedding!
  3. It's more than just flowers. The size and style of the vase we recommend for you is directly related to the size and type of centerpiece you dream about for your wedding day. We know that some vases work better than others; that some look really small, but actually take a lot of flowers; and that some just simply aren't going to hold up properly. It's about more than just the looks, friends! A lot of education and experimentation has happened in the past to learn this information! Not only that, we know how to make sure your flowers look beautiful in person AND in photos, how to properly secure a bouquet so you don't get pricked or get your dress dirty, and what tools work best for creating specific arrangements.

So before you decide to DIY your flowers, I highly encourage you to think about all of this and trust your friendly florists. We do so much more than place pretty stems in a vase for your wedding day! And if you're still on the fence, have questions, or are ready to get started...let's chat

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