Easiest Ever Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Easiest Ever Valentine's Day Date Ideas
Easiest Ever Valentine's Day Date Ideas

For long-term couples and married couples, Valentine's Day can sometimes feel like one of those last minute "What are we supposed to do?" holidays. I, admittedly, never really know if we should celebrate it or not, because I love my husband fully and completely every day, and we share so many fun adventures together throughout the entire year. But it is really fun to do something a little different on Valentine's Day as a couple, even if it's as simple as staying in and ordering takeout.

Here are some quick and easy Valentine's Day Date ideas that you may just want to do all year long:

Pack a backyard picnic. Pack up your favorite bottle of wine, a favorite meal, some disposable utensils and a few candles and head to your backyard for a romantic evening "out"!

Plan a game night. Grab you and your significant other's favorite cocktails, a few easy appetizers (crackers, cheese, fruit, vegetables, and sliced chicken are a great start!) and pick out 2 or 3 favorite board games. Turn the electronics off, and enjoy spending time together without any distractions!

Cook an elaborate four-course meal together. If you both enjoy spending time in the kitchen, research some really amazing, elaborate recipes together ahead of time, pick up the ingredients the day before, and spend time in the kitchen creating a gourmet meal to share.

Put your dreams on paper. Order your favorite takeout, grab a pen and a notepad, and plan out the rest of the year's dreams together. Where do you want to travel, what goals do you want to accomplish, what adventures do you want to have together? Write them all down, pick out your top three, and start putting an action plan in place to make them happen.

Settle in for a movie marathon. Pop some popcorn, change into comfy PJs, grab a few beers, and take turns popping your all-time favorite movies into the DVD player.

Get all gussied up for a date night in. Put on your Sunday best, set the dining room table with your finest china and some candles, turn on some music, and invite your significant other to join you for dinner. Whether it's leftovers, takeout, or a gourmet home-cooked meal, enjoy the quiet time together!

Watch the stars. Grab a few cozy blankets and head outside to watch the stars and share your dreams together. Leave the electronics inside and enjoy the night sky and each other!

Plan a coffee date. Grab some extra-good coffee, some gourmet muffins and chocolate, a couple of good books and spend the morning (or evening!) curled up together sharing coffee, sweet treats, and a good book together.

Whether you prefer an elaborate date night or a laid-back evening in, I hope you enjoy spending a little extra quality time with the one you love most!

Easiest Ever Valentine's Day Date Ideas
Easiest Ever Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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