3 Honeymoon Destinations That Don't Cost a Fortune

3 Honeymoon Destinations that Don't Cost a Fortune
3 Honeymoon Destinations that Don't Cost a Fortune

Photo by Caroline Lima

You may be cringing at the thought of shelling out thousands of dollars on a honeymoon immediately after shelling out thousands of dollars on the wedding of your dreams. Or you may just have no desire to travel for from home and just want to spend some quiet time as husband and wife, no matter where you are. Either way, there are so many great, more affordable alternatives to the extravagant honeymoon destinations that are just as fun and romantic!

So if this sounds like you, here are three wonderful honeymoon destinations that don't cost a fortune:

Your own city. Yep, you read that right. Be a tourist in your own city for a week! Get a hotel room, map out the restaurants you've always wanted to try, museums others seem to enjoy that you take for granted, and the side streets you've never really thought twice about. Tour your own hometown for the week, enjoy being married, and don't worry about breaking the bank either! Not only will it be a refreshing vacation "away", but it will also shed new light on the city or town you may have been taking for granted. My husband and I have done this on three separate occasions already (one was the two nights following our wedding!) and we've made some of the best memories on these excursions.

A state-pride road trip. Wanting to venture a little further than your own hometown? Map out the places in your own state you've always wanted to visit, and take a mini road trip throughout your home state! It can be across the state, or just a few areas close by - it's your call! You'll see your own state has so much to offer outside your hometown, without breaking the bank! And you'll get to enjoy a little QT as newlyweds along the way. (Another trip some of our favorite memories started with - mini road trips with no schedule or care in the world!)

Home sweet home. Really wanting to have a great honeymoon, but just don't have the budget for it right now? There are millions of ways to create your own honeymoon right in your own home. Take the week off work, order takeout from your favorite restaurants, load up on movies you've been waiting to watch, plan a board game night with prizes for the winner....the possibilities are endless! The only restrictions? You must turn off the internet, home phone, and not worry one second about any cleaning or laundry that needs to be done! Pretend you're in a hotel room for the week and take advantage of all the amenities this hotel has to offer! (And if you need ideas for how to make this feel like a honeymoon...I've got your back, just shoot me an email! As much as we love to travel, my husband and I are also the king and queen of vacationing in our own home!).

I'm sure you think I'm crazy, but I promise you this could set a new precedent for your future vacations! You may want to start taking one or two vacations a year in your own home after your honeymoon!

Now spill the beans...which one will you choose and what activities are you planning to do?