Digital Custom Design Plan

Digital Custom Design Plan


Want a truly unique wedding that tells your love story through each and every detail of the day, but aren’t sure where to begin? Or perhaps you have a coordinator to help with the logistics and set-up of the day, but your ideas are a hot mess and all over the place. Then you’re in the right spot, because I created these design plans specifically for you. Your design plan will be tailored to your specific needs, requests, and love story. Before even beginning your design plan, you will receive a questionnaire that gives me information about you, your fiance, your love story, and your style and preferences. I’ll create a moodboard just for you, and we’ll have a one-hour call prior to design plan creation that goes into even more detail. You essentially get your very own wedding stylist without breaking the bank! 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding, we’ll review your design plan and any questions you may have about implementation. Then you simply have to hand over your design plan to your coordinator to implement all the beautiful details of your story!

Each design plan will include 20+ pages of:

  • A custom moodboard

  • A custom color palette

  • A custom love story detail plan

  • 1-3 custom drawings of your space with details in place

  • Ceremony details and resources

  • Place setting and reception details and resources

  • Vignette detail and resources

  • Floral details

  • Stationery details and resources

  • A comprehensive reference and resource guide

  • Sample timelines

  • BONUS: a 1-hour initial phone call and a 1-hour phone call 4-6 weeks before your wedding

Within 2 business days of purchasing, you will receive a questionnaire as well as an email from me to schedule your initial design call.

*It is recommended that you purchase this custom design plan at least 9 months prior to your wedding date.

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