Your Customized Wedding Budget Guide

Your Customized Wedding Budget Guide
Your Customized Wedding Budget Guide

YOU GUYS. I am SO excited to finally be sharing this post with you today! Who knew I'd be so excited to share something that has more to do with budgeting and numbers than it does with visual things?! See, the thing is, I believe everyone should have the wedding of their dreams, regardless of their budget! Your wedding day is a day you'll share memories from for the rest of the life...a day you'll create new family heirlooms and put old ones to use. That's why I am so excited to share a new budgeting service with you that will help make the wedding of your dreams become a reality!

More and more over the years, I've chatted with couples who honestly just don't know where to begin when creating a budget for their wedding day...or even how much they should plan on investing in each of their vendors! The truth is, there is no cookie cutter budget you should be using for one of the most important days of your life. Your wedding celebration will look and feel so much different from your best friend's or sister's or cousin's, so why should you be using the same budgeting information?

That's why I've created a Customized Wedding Budget Guide just for you! 

Before creating your budget guide, I'll chat with you about what details are most important, the logistics of your wedding day, and what special ways you'd like to customize your celebration. After our conversations, I'll get to work creating your customized guide that fits with your budget and celebration...not your sister's or cousin's or best friend's!

Each purchase of the Customized Wedding Budget Guide will receive:

  • An easy-to-read detailed budget outline based on your wedding day
  • Worksheets and workspace to keep track of your actual costs and payment schedules
  • A comprehensive outline and customized recommendations to stay within your budget and still have the wedding of your dreams!
  • A few sweet surprises to make staying on your budget extra-easy!

Believe me when I tell you I want you to have the most amazing day ever, so each budget guide is completely customized and well thought-out for your celebration. And the best part? The Budget Guide fee is included in your budget guide, so you don't waste a single penny!

Your Customized Wedding Budget Guide is $250 and the cost will be absorbed in your overall budget. To purchase your Customized Wedding Budget Guide, contact me or learn more here.

I can create my own budget, why do I need someone else to create it for me?

Yes, you are so right! You can absolutely create your own budget! But after almost 10 years in the wedding industry and working with dozens and dozens of wedding professionals (and working in the floral, stationery, and planning world myself!), I understand the importance of a customized budget that isn't cookie-cutter. I'll save you hours and hours of research by creating a budget that works for you while still creating the wedding of your dreams.

But, Amanda, doesn't it defeat the purpose to pay for budget creation?

Absolutely not! Ensuring you have a budget that was created from years and years of research, hands-on knowledge, and hours of working in the wedding industry is like gold, y'all! Not to mention the $250 fee will be incorporated into your overall budget! And don't forget, you'll also receive a comprehensive outline and customized recommendations to make sure you stay on budget while still having the wedding of your dreams! (And a few surprises will be included, too!)

So are you ready to take the most stressful part of your wedding planning off your plate? I can't wait to ease your mind and help ensure your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be and more....regardless of your budget! Let's get started with your customized budget guide!