Why It's Okay to Exceed Your Wedding Budget

Why It's Okay to Go Over Your Wedding Budget
Why It's Okay to Go Over Your Wedding Budget

I already know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm crazy for wanting to talk about exceeding your wedding budget, right? It's highly possible this is true, but not for this one blog post, I assure you.

"But, Amanda, you want me to EXCEED my wedding budget? Why in the world would I do such a thing?" Yep. That's what you're thinking, amiright?

And the short answer is yes...and no.

Let's first get one thing clear. Wedding vendors aren't out to gouge you just because you said "Yes!" We aren't trying to get you to go over your budget - in fact, talk to almost any wedding professional out there and they'll probably do their very best to stay as close to the budget you give them - or offer suggestions as to why your budget may not work. They may even, perhaps, refer you to a vendor that is more in line with your vision and your budget. So we definitely aren't trying to get you to spend more, more, more.

But here's the scenario: you have a dream wedding in mind and you've created a budget based on what you want to comfortably spend to make this dream wedding come to life. I'm assuming it's also the first time you've planned a wedding, much less created a wedding budget from scratch, right? So you're creating a budget based on numbers and percentages you've likely found through your research since getting engaged. But how can you be sure those "averages" and percentages you've found are true numbers for your dream wedding? How do those averages know what you are willing to spend on a dress or a cake or flowers or a venue?

If you're saying "yes, I get it!" to all of this, this is definitely the article for you. Because your wedding is not a conservative day that happens once a month. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event that deserves to be everything you dreamed of and more. It is not a recurring bill or a fancy night out that may happen again in a few months. It is not a holiday shindig that's going to happen again next year or one of your first big purchases that will likely happen again in three to five years.

But let's get one thing straight up front. This doesn't mean to go broke and spend every last dime on your wedding. Of course I would never in a million years suggest that! This means if you spend a little more than you anticipated, that's okay! As long as your quality of life isn't severely damaged, there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending a little more than you anticipated on your wedding day.

If, however, you've worked diligently with a planner or professional to create a precise budget, you likely won't even need to consider overspending, because someone in the industry has already created a budget that is right for you!

Here are just a few reasons why exceeding your wedding budget are okay:

  1. You're wedding is not just a normal day. It's not even just a special day. It's a day that goes beyond special - a day that joins you and your spouse for the rest of your lives. The kickoff to a brand new family with new traditions and memories and heirlooms. So while you don't want to go all willy nilly with your wedding budget and start throwing money around to anyone you come in contact with, it is okay to splurge a little, assuming it's not going to affect your quality of life for the next 5 years. You're budgeting to create memories that you and your loved ones will never forget, so if your overall costs exceed your budget just slightly, I think that's a-okay.
  2. How often do you really get to wear a fancy outfit and celebrate all night long surrounded by your favorite people? If I'm being honest, this is usually a once in a lifetime event. There's a slim-to-none chance I will ever get to celebrate with all the people who attended my wedding day ever again. It simply just won't happen. These people come together for this one special day to celebrate you and your love for one another. So if you spend a little more to ensure they have the time of their lives, that's pretty okay in my book.
  3. Your guests have traveled near and far to celebrate you! They've turned down other plans for the evening, possibly paid for flights or hotel arrangements (perhaps even babysitters, dog-sitters, or house-sitters) to spend the evening or weekend with you! These are the people you love dearly and who have likely done plenty for you in your past. I don't know about you, but if I could repay everyone who's been a huge part of my past, I would do it in a heartbeat! Guess what, friends?! Now is the perfect opportunity to do that! They are here supporting you once again, and you have the opportunity to provide them with a beautiful setting, an amazing meal, wonderful entertainment, and some good ol' hospitality.
  4. Overspending in one area doesn't mean you're going to break the bank. Those percentages and numbers I mentioned earlier? Those are based on average costs. That means, some people spent more and some spent less in specific areas. Perhaps you found a dress off the rack that cost next to nothing but you want the most lavish flowers you can dream up. Then those percentages aren't going to work well for you, and you'll quickly see that your average floral budget is going to be greatly exceeded, but your dress budget is going to be much lower. So spending more in one area doesn't mean you need to or will spend more overall! It just means some things are more important to you than others...which makes for a more special, personal celebration for you and your future spouse!

So the idea of spending more on your wedding isn't so scary now, huh? In fact...it may sound even, dare I say it...manageable!

Still unsure how to navigate the whole wedding budget thing? Let's chat and create your personalized budget that you're most comfortable with!

Now, I want to know...what are you willing to spend a little more on and what isn't quite as important to spend on?