Interview with Emma Arendoski: The Inspired Wedding

The Inspired Wedding
The Inspired Wedding

Hello, loves! Happy Thursday! So, I have to ask, have y'all picked up your copy of The Inspired Wedding yet? If you're still deciding if you'd like to purchase a copy of the book, you're in luck! I am thrilled to share my interview with Emma Arendoski, author of The Inspired Wedding! If you have picked up your copy, how do you like it? Leave a message in the comments and let me know what your favorite theme or section of the book is!

  1. Tell us a little about yourself. How did you first get involved in the wedding industry? Hi, I’m Emma and I eat, sleep, and blog about weddings. I first got involved in the wedding industry immediately after planning my own wedding a few years ago. We were married and I couldn’t stop pouring over the gorgeous wedding details. I didn’t want to stop the planning – I had found my passion.
  2. How did you get the idea for The Inspired Wedding? I wrote The Inspired Wedding as an idea book for brides who want to plan a themed wedding. Planning a wedding with an overall theme makes the planning process easier, more personal, and results in a more cohesive event. I wrote The Inspired Wedding to be the definitive source, since there is no other book like it on the market.
  3. What was your favorite part of writing The Inspired Wedding? I loved immersing myself in each individual theme. The more I wrote on one particular theme, the more I loved it; it would be difficult to actually pick a favorite theme because each is unique in its own accord and full of gorgeous ideas and details.
  4. You highlight several themes in your book. How did you choose the themes that would be published? Were there other themes you considered? I chose the seven themes that I felt best represented what brides are seeking today: beach, rustic, vintage, modern, bohemian, traditional, and offbeat. I felt any other themes would really fall under sub-sets of the above.
  5. You focus on handcrafted weddings – small businesses and artists who are in the wedding industry. Do you think couples planning their wedding today focus more on small business vendors as opposed to large businesses? Absolutely. Handcrafted weddings are heartfelt and memorable. I think more couples are choosing to buy handmade because it supports small business; plus, there is a personal connection one has when buying direct from the maker. It is made with two hands and can be customized by request. That’s a unique detail you can’t find in mass production.
  6. What, in your opinion, are the benefits of having a handcrafted wedding? A handcrafted wedding allows the couple to tell their unique story. I think couples today want to make their wedding unlike anyone else’s , and handcrafted touches like custom cake toppers, invitations, a unique guest book (or alternative), table names instead of numbers, a do-it-yourself coffee bar or candy buffet, personalized wedding party gifts, and a handpicked playlist are just a few ways to create a more handcrafted wedding. The most memorable weddings I’ve attended weren’t necessarily the largest or most expensive; instead, the most memorable ones were those where the couple took the extra time to customize the details and tell their story.
  7. Each of the artists you highlighted in The Inspired Wedding supplied their own photos for the book. Did you purposely compile the book this way instead of having photo shoots for each of your themes? Since I have the privilege of working with such talented artists at Emmaline Bride, know how important it is to highlight an artist’s work in the way they feel is best. With that being said, I know how much thought and care goes into the styling and presentation of one's own work, so I felt it best to show it from their perspective.
  8. You go into meticulous detail about all aspects of wedding day details for each theme – from the stationery to the attire to the flowers. How did you develop each of these details for each theme? The wedding is all about the details! For each theme, I carefully selected my favorite ideas that were suitable for that particular style. My goal of The Inspired Wedding was to create a resource where a couple could identify their favorite theme and plan an beautifully themed wedding from start to finish – with all of the details carefully laid out right in front of them.
  9. Even though each section focuses on a specific theme, do you think pieces from each section can be mixed and matched to create a more unique, personalized theme? Definitely. The wedding day should be all about you, so if that means you don't like the look of rustic mason jars and opt for vintage milk bottles instead, do it. You certainly shouldn't feel stuck in one particular theme: it's all about selecting the ideas that clearly resonate with you.
  10. What do you hope couples getting married take away from The Inspired Wedding? My goal is for couples to read my book and feel empowered to plan the best day ever, one that is just as fun for the couple getting married as it is for their guests in attendance. I hope my book gives them a sense of confidence and assurance that, yes, you can plan an incredible day that is a reflection of your unique style; no, it doesn't have to fit into a certain ideal. Every wedding is special in its own right, and I feel The Inspired Wedding is a reflection of this notion.


Emma Arendoski
Emma Arendoski

Emma Arendoski is the author of The Handcrafted Wedding, as well as the founder and editor-in-chief of Emmaline Bride, a blog dedicated to all things handmade for your wedding. Why handmade? A handmade piece is special — it’s been crafted with love and care, which can’t be said for most mass-produced items. When planning their own wedding, Emma and her groom-to-be wanted every element to reflect their personalities — but store-bought finds fell short of their expectations. Online, however, Emma discovered an abundance of beautiful, handmade goods, along with unlimited opportunities for customization. She was so inspired that she decided to create a place where other brides could experience the special qualities that handmade items bring to a wedding. Emmaline Bride became that place. The site now features a shop and a vendor guide, and boasts more than 550,000 visitors per month. Emma lives with her husband and son in Michigan.