Heartfelt Weddings: Incorporating Heirlooms in Your Wedding

Incorporating Heirlooms in Your Wedding
Incorporating Heirlooms in Your Wedding

I don't think it's any secret that I'm a big fan of meaningful, heartfelt wedding celebrations. I'd shout it from the rooftops if I didn't think someone would send me to the loony bin. To me, every little detail, down to the toasting glasses and beyond, is an opportunity to create a heartfelt celebration. Believe it or not, the details you choose with love and care are the ones you'll remember years down the road - and may even become family traditions. One way to add meaning to those little details is by incorporating family heirlooms into your celebration. This may seem like an impossible task if your having a more modern celebration or your style doesn't mesh with the heirlooms you'd like to include, but there are so many unique ways to incorporate them, you can certainly find a way that works for you!

Here are a few ways you can incorporate heirlooms in your wedding celebration, but this is just a starting point! Get creative and do what speaks to your heart.

Include a vintage family photo in a locket on your bouquet

This is such a beautiful way to include a family heirloom in your wedding. Tie the locket with a ribbon around your bouquet in memory of loved ones who may not be able to be present.

Incorporate family linens on the reception tables

You know all those linens and doilies your sweet Grandma made you when you every year for Christmas when you were younger? (That can't be just me, right?). This is the perfect opportunity to use them! Use small doilies or linens in your centerpieces, incorporate throw blankets in a lounge area, or cover reception tables with those handmade table runners you have stacked up, waiting to be used.

Pay homage to your heritage through your invitations and paper goods

Do you have a traditional family crest or tartan that dates back to the beginning of your family lineage? Or even a symbol that represents your culture (the Southern hospitality symbol of a pineapple is a great example)? Consider incorporating portions of these elements in your wedding invitations and stationery as a nod to your heritage and culture that got you where you are today!

Use family toasting glasses

My husband and I aren't big champagne drinkers, so we didn't see the significance of investing in nice champagne toasting glasses for our wedding. Instead, we chose to use my parents gorgeous toasting glasses. Not only did it save us the unnecessary expense of something we didn't feel was important, but we got to use a family heirloom that made the toast that much more special to us.

Use family recipes in your menu

Depending on your caterer's policies, you may be able to include some special family recipes in your menu!

What are some special and unique ways you plan to use family heirlooms in your wedding celebration?

Photo courtesy of Jason Collins Photography