5 Unexpected Ways to Honor Loved Ones at Your Wedding


Your wedding day is such a special time for you, your spouse, and your family and friends. You'll likely want to honor loved ones who have passed away, but may realize there is a fine line between happily honoring their memory and creating sadness amongst your guests who were close with those you are honoring.

While there is probably a deep sense of sadness that those loved ones can't be at your wedding in person to celebrate with you, it's also a wonderful time to celebrate their life and the joy they brought while they were here on this Earth.

Here are 5 unexpected ways to honor loved ones and celebrate their life and personality at your wedding celebration:

Share their favorite reading or quote at the ceremony.

The ceremony is a wonderful place to celebrate loved ones. It's already a very special bond between you and your soon-to-be spouse, so including a special remembrance of loved ones makes it all the more meaningful. Consider sharing a reading or a quote that was significant to your loved one(s). You don't even have to  announce to your guests that's what you're including it for - if you and your spouse know, that is all that matters.

Wear something of theirs.

Is there a special necklace or brooch you can wear to honor loved ones? This is a wonderful way to feel close to them on your wedding day. Make sure to get photos of what you are wearing - you'll cherish those photos for years to come! (As shown in the photo above with my grandmother's photo in a vintage locket on my bouquet!).

Reserve a seat.

Consider reserving a seat in your loved one's honor. If you plan on reserving 10 seats for close family members, save 1 more seat for loved ones who have passed on and display a small bouquet of flowers and a note on the chair.

Display their favorite flowers or serve a favorite food.

Did your great-grandmother love gardenias? Try incorporating them into your bouquet and/or the centerpieces at your wedding. Was your great-uncle nibbling on peach cobbler every chance he could? Incorporate this into your dessert menu. These are beautiful ways to honor loved ones that celebrate their life wholeheartedly without creating an atmosphere of sadness. Your guests who were close with those individuals will recognize the gesture and likely begin sharing fond memories.

Celebrate their life.

Was Grandma trying to entertain every second she could? What about having a bunch of balloons (in her favorite colors!) at the entrance of your ceremony or reception to honor her memory of entertaining.

There are so many beautiful ways to honor loved ones at your ceremony and reception. Think about what those individuals loved - their hobbies and favorite things - and incorporate those into your decor where it feels right. You guests who were close with those loved ones will appreciate it and you'll be so thankful for the photos and memories for years to come.

How do you plan to honor loved ones at your wedding celebration?

Photo courtesy of Jason Collins Photography.