5 Healthy Date Ideas

5 Healthy Date Ideas
5 Healthy Date Ideas

Photo by Heather Chipps Photography

I love, love, love thinking of new date ideas. Sure, I adore going out to fancy dinners with my husband, but in all honesty, we can do that anytime. It's so much fun for us to think outside the box and go on dates that are new and different for us. And bonus points if we're making our minds and bodies healthier at the same time!

Here are 5 healthy date ideas for you to surprise your significant other with this weekend:

Sweat it out. Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about the gym! Make a date with your significant other to get your sweat on a the gym. Spot each other as you lift weights, do some cardio side-by-side, and then when you're done, treat yourself to a smoothie.

Head to the farmer's market. Ahh, one of my and my husband's favorite things to do together! Schedule an early Saturday morning date at the farmer's market to enjoy the warmer temps, get some fresh air, and snag some delicious, healthy grub. Bonus points if you score some yummy produce to make dinner with that evening for your second date of the day! (Another one of our favorite things to do!)

Take a garden tour. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, schedule a tour of a local garden for you and your spouse. Enjoy the fresh air, admire the new blooms, and then get your energy back at a local coffee shop.

Take a hike. No...literally. Pack a picnic for just the two of you (I won't tell if you sneak in a bottle or two of wine) and go hiking at one of your favorite locations, or a new-to-you trail! Once you're done and have worked up an appetite, find a spot to enjoy a picnic together.

Head to the dog park. Grab your pups and head to the dog park for a fun-filled day of play, fetch, and walks! Your sweet fur babies will thank you, too.

Now if you'll excuse me...I have a picnic to pack.

What are your favorite healthy dates to go on?