4 Ways Your Guest List Drastically Affects Your Budget

Caroline Lima Photography

Caroline Lima Photography

Chances are, if you’re in danger of going over your wedding budget, your guest list is the #1 culprit. I know it seems silly that your guest count can drastically affect your costs, but it’s so true! Almost every single bride or groom I’ve chatted with that is over-budget has been able to positively amend that by downsizing their guest list (or coming to terms with the fact that their guest list will require them to increase their budget!)

Here are several ways your guest list affects your budget:

Affects catering and bar costs.

It may seem obvious, but more guests means more alcoholic beverages and food consumed. This is already a large part of your budget, which is great news, because it means it’s a quick and easy way to decrease costs if you cut your guest list! On top of decreasing the obvious costs of food and alcohol, it may also decrease the staff needed to man your bar, providing an unforeseen savings.

Affects invitation and stationery costs.

More guests also means you need to send out more invitations. Now that may not seem like a large cost in the grand scheme of things, but if you’re also planning on custom stationery for your wedding day, it will also increase the cost of your menus, table numbers, place cards, and calligraphy costs - all of which add up very quickly!

Affects floral costs.

Something I’ve found a lot of brides and grooms don’t consider is that a larger guest list means a larger floral cost. This is most directly related to the quantity of centerpieces you’ll need, and even just two or three additional tables can make a big difference in the cost of your florals!

Affects rental costs.

This is another huge cost that is often overlooked! Depending on your rental plan, this could be almost as much of a cost savings as catering and bar, if you decrease your guest list. A smaller guest list may mean a smaller tent, less tables and chairs, less linens, less place settings, and less staff to set up your event!

As you can see, lowering your guest count has the potential to save you a lot of money. If you’re in danger of going over your wedding budget, I highly recommend taking a good, hard look at your guest list. I know it is extremely tough to cut your guest list, but it’s definitely worth taking a look at it up close and personal to see if you can make any changes!

Caroline Lima Photography

Caroline Lima Photography