4 Ways to Manage Your Time When You're Engaged

Caroline Lima Photography

Caroline Lima Photography

So you just got engaged (or have been engaged, but are just now starting to really plan your dream wedding)…yay! Congratulations! I truly think the engagement season in your life is one to cherish. It’s easy to get caught up in the planning – and the stress, money, and general busy-ness that comes along with it – but I think it’s really important to not get caught up in those things, and to simply enjoy this process and season. After all, the most important thing is that you’ll soon be married, and creating a family and legacy of your own!

Even if you have a wedding planner, it’s easy to get caught up in all the fun details that go into creating a beautiful wedding day. So how are you supposed to completely relax and enjoy this season when there is just so much to do and plan? The main component to not getting overwhelmed is to manage your time properly! I know that can be really difficult when you already have a busy life of work, family, friends, new homes, pets, celebrations…and then adding planning a wedding on top of that, so today I’m sharing three tips for managing your time when you’re engaged!

Trust Your Vendors

This is so important, friend! You’ve likely chosen your vendors because you adore their work, a friend or family member referred them to you, and you’ve already chatted and “clicked” with them! It’s really important to put your trust in them after you sign on the dotted line and officially book them. After all, if you didn’t trust them to begin with, you likely wouldn’t have hired them, right? Most vendors spend many, many hours behind the scenes making sure your wedding day is extra-special, so trust me when I tell you (yes, I went there)…trusting your vendors is a really easy way relieve some of your wedding planning stress and let them handle all the details!

Trust Yourself

Remember in this post when I said not to choose pink bridesmaids dresses if you don’t love the color pink? I’m saying it all over again today! Trust your gut and your personal style when you’re planning a wedding. You don’t need to stray from what you love just because it’s your wedding day!

Time Block

This is a great way to manage your time during engagement season (or any season of life, really!) if you are prone to multi-tasking. Instead of doing a little bit of planning here and there, block of a couple of hours of time every week to get tasks done. At the end of each time block, make a list of the tasks you want to get done at next week’s “meeting” (or chat with your planner about what you should currently be accomplishing!) so you know exactly what you need to be focused on. You’ll find that throughout the week, you’re able to focus on your fiancé, your family, and your life outside of the engagement a little more without being distracted by wedding tasks!

Pick Your Top Three

Finally, a great way to manage your time during your engagement is to pick the top three things that are most important to you on your wedding day. Maybe the food, flowers, and venue are the most important things. Or maybe it’s the band, cocktails, and invitations. Whatever they are, prioritize those items and make sure you book those vendors first, communicating with them exactly what your dreams are, and ensuring those things are going to be the shining stars at the wedding. The other things will just be icing on the cake after that!

This season is going to fly by, and my hope is that you will look back on it and cherish your engagement, knowing you enjoyed every minute of it! What are some other tips you have for engaged couples to manage their time and soak in each and every moment?